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This initiative exposes young men and women, ages 14 and up, to powerful testimonies from imprisoned residents and a tour of Grafton Reintegration Center, courtesy of their Dope is for Dopes program. Subsequently, the teenagers are given an opportunity to envision an alternate path, normally with a tour of a large university that provides a plethora of educational options.    

In 2018, we opted to expose the students to an in-depth view of their history. A riveting tour of the one and only Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History captivated, encouraged and educated the teens to behold the plight of ancestral experiences that led to where we are today.

View the Grafton Dope is for Dopes program description.  


We have had an incredible collaboration with the community as donations  were collected to supply teens with breakfast, lunch, transportation, and exposure with tours to both Grafton prison and The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History... all for absolutely FREE!


"The talk with the inmates made me think about the things I need to fix." ~Student  

"This is the best experience I have had. The whole idea of this program is great!"~Student

 "I enjoyed being able to really communicate with the inmates and really  understand that it's a place I don't want to be." ~Student


Bars or Books 2015

These teens thought they knew enough about prison from television, but walking the grounds changed everything. 

Bars or Books 2017

The first weekend, these teenagers visited Grafton Reintegration Center. The following weekend, they toured The Ohio State University. 

Bars or Books 2018

From Grafton Reintegration Center to the Charles Wright Museum. This experience reminded the students of the legacy of our ancestors and where God has brought us.