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Relationships Start in the Mirror, Not in the Sheets...


 Under the auspices of Sheree’s Mirror Project, LLC, Sheree has been blessed to commence a host of initiatives designed to spread the significance of  education, healing, as well as virginity and/or abstinence until marriage. God’s grace has propelled Sheree onto unfathomable platforms as she endeavored to leave her audiences with hope and a will to persevere.

By the grace of God, Sheree is a graduate of Cuyahoga Community College and hails both a Bachelor's and Master's degree from Cleveland State University. Sheree is also a playwright and author of  the best-selling book, What Are You Bringing to the Table? This  acclaimed book encourages individuals to come to terms with the scars threatening to hinder the progress of successful relationships and has even evolved into a stage play production.   

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Character Testaments

iLinda Reese, Author, International Speaker, Radio and Television Personality

 "Whether you are reading her books or sitting in the audience doing a presentation, Sheree will captivate your mind and capture your spirit.  She creates thought patterns that result in a changed direction or  renewal of your planned destiny. I know that is a tall order and Sheree can deliver." 

Hope Williams, Recording Artist

 "Knowing that knowledge is power, I am thankful that Sheree is always willing to share her power. In hot pursuit of making her dreams a reality, Sheree is dedicated to encouraging and using her own resources and abilities to help propel others into greatness."  

Nick, Inmate and Journalist

 "We  were blown away Sheree's down to earth delivery and the ease at which she coaxed our guys into participating in the discussion.The heartfelt  revelations she shared were an instant ice breaker, prompting eager  responses from the group." 

~Yvonne Pointer, Activist, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Author, Speaker

 "Sheree is a luminous voice of today. Through her books and numerous speaking engagements she has exalted words of deliverance for any who will listen and take heed." 

Past Engagements

Spoke for Renee Jones