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In our quest to magically become united with the right person, oftentimes women place sole emphasis on what a man should bring to the table.  As opposed to putting forth effort into becoming the ideal--albeit imperfect--partner, we come to the relationship table with our foil and storage containers expecting to reap benefits that are void of any personal responsibility. You cannot build a foundation on sex alone and expect everything else to magically line up. In any relationship, unresolved  issues at the table, or under the rug, can expose a story far greater than any sweetened words. Your future doesn't stand a chance if you continue to ignore your past. Get ready for some revelations...in the mirror.

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Book Reviews

Hasani Pettiford, Relationship Expert, Speakerer, Television Personality and Author

 Sheree, I've read thousands of books and know how to sift between what's good  and what's not. Your book is GOOD! I even love the chapter titles and  once I started reading, I couldn't stop. You should be telling people that your book may be $15, but it's worth $1,500!

Jerry, Laborer

  I  love this book and would suggest every man take the time to read it. It  truly helped me to see things (especially women) differently. 

Nate, Journalist

 "I  love to support intelligent African-American women. It's actually not  done enough. This book is a voice that needs to be heard. The sexiest  thing a woman has is her mind. When she expresses her voice through  print, we need to support those efforts." 

Nakia, MBA Student

 "What  Are You Bringing to the Table is an instrument of Peace. This book allowed me to enjoy a beautiful journey that gave me an overall understanding of my life and the world around me. It is my daily  inspiration, counseling, self-realization and spiritual healing. The  more I read, the more I learned and unfolded the true person I am." ~Nakia, MBA Student

Chavon, Customer Service Representative

 "What  Are You Bringing to the Table was great! You cannot read just one story  in this area because they all are great and hit in every aspect of our  lives. I appreciate you, Sheree, for revealing reality."  

Teresa, Author and Speaker

 "This  book is a MUST read, particularly for our young men and women. Sheree puts a creative and flavorful spin on the importance of being responsible for one's actions, resulting in a more positive and  rewarding future based on attributes devoid of sex, immaturity, and the  blame game."